Stefania Pinaroli

Stefania Pinaroli

Stefania specializes in privacy, e-commerce, business contracts, corporate law. He deals, also, with compliance about responsibility of public entities, ex d.lgs. 321/2001.

In recent years, in view of the growing impact that the advent of new technologies has acquired on corporate economic profiles and on the rights of individuals, she has developed a profound competence in the fields of Fintech, ICT, Big Data and in the field of business process management relating to the protection and processing of personal data, performing the role of Data Protection Officer for the assisted companies.

For several years she has been teaching civil law and civil process law in qualified courses for the examination to the legal profession. She is a speaker at numerous seminars and conferences.

  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Contract Law
  • Inheritance

  • University of Trento

  • Italian

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