IT, Privacy e Big Data

The continuous flow of data is a defining feature in today’s economy. Information and Communications Technology (ICTS) represents a key innovation for much of the corporate world. It allows for quicker and cheaper transfer of data, therefore making it easier for companies to directly access consumer data.

Naturally, this is characterized as both an opportunity and a threat. It brings new risks and challenges to businesses, typically related to securing sensitive personal information from any outside sources.

Apart from cybersecurity, businesses face constantly evolving legislation from local and international entities. Non-compliance in these systems can be harmful to companies both morally and economically. Negative media attention for non-compliance can result in a loss of profits. To counteract this a growing number of companies have opted to adapt the new legal standards.

Our team of attorneys stays at the forefront of IT, Privacy, & Big Data regulations. Able to help guide clients through these every evolving standards of practice. We have experience in both US and European jurisdictions, seamlessly working with counterparts in other practice areas. Allowing us to provide a depth of resources both creative and practical to those looking to stay within the latest laws and regulations.

Specific data privacy services we provide for our clients include:

  • Privacy Policies
  • Privacy Audits
  • Data Security Breach Preparedness and Response
  • Privacy Related Claims and Disputes
  • Employee Privacy
  • Financial Privacy
  • Healthcare Privacy
  • Marketing Policies
  • Data Processing and Data Transfer Agreements
  • Cross-border Data Transfer
  • Binding Corporate Rules
  • Data Protection Officer

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