Andrea Trecapelli

Andrea Trecapelli

Andrea Trecapelli works between Rome and Milan.

He specializes in bankruptcy and commercial law with specific reference to recapitalisations, reorganisations, exchange offers, mergers and acquisitions for companies in need, development of business plans, the construction of financial models, and the management of stakeholders for medium and large companies.

He provides legal and strategic advice to national and multinational clients, also playing the role of legal coordinator between the various countries in the process of financial and industrial restructuring. Furthermore, he holds professional positions at the Ministry of Economic Development and the Court of Rome. 

Together with his colleagues, with whom he forms a close-knit team by combining the advantages of a boutique firm with those of a large international company, he is able to propose an increasingly consistent offer to Banks, Hedge Funds and Private Equity, with an expertise that ranges from distressed investments and non-performing loans, to formal insolvency proceedings. 

He supports companies in the entire distressed continuum, in the international and extra-judicial restructuring, in the insolvency disputes, as well as in the analysis and resolution of restructuring problems in complex scenarios, where multiple parties and countries are involved and where Trecapelli applies his knowledge of procedures of both the British and American insolvency.

He is fluent in both Italian and English.

  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Contract Law
  • Inheritance

  • University of Trento

  • Italian

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