Pharmacy Obligations re stolen drugs

The riots in NYC in early June affected many pharmacies. Pharmacy owners felt shocked at the very sight of their looted pharmacies. Shattered glass scattered everywhere. One pharmacy owner in the Bronx was watching the events as they transpired via security footage: “I felt so powerless. Watching on cell phone. You can’t do anything.”The situation was described as a “free for all for drugs.” Many of the shelves were filled with “prescription medications.” Another pharmacy owner recounted the fear she was experiencing: “I mean this was really scary, and to see it happening on my phone while I’m calling 911 watching it happen, it was very scary.”2

Pharmacy owners still have a duty to report all inventory theft to pharmacy regulating bodies.  Specifically, pharmacies that had their shelves emptied of prescription medications must report this theft to the Drug Enforcement Administration via DEA Form 106. This form allows pharmacies to detail exactly what was stolen to ensure their inventory shortages are properly documented as a result of looting.  

ìFurthermore, pharmacies that close temporarily as a result of the damage from looting and the riots must notify the Board of Pharmacy within 48 hours of their closure. Click the link to obtain the Temporary Closing Form pharmacies must send to

In addition, if pharmacies have to change their hours, they can notify the Pharmacy Board at the aforementioned e-mail.  

We hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times.  Contact us if you have any questions at (646) 612-7847 or email us at


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