Design Professional Service Corporations

Some states have taken steps in recent years to allow for Design Professional Corporations. These are similar to Professional Corporations but with one major difference. The owners of the Corporation are not required to have a professional license. This allows for ownership outside of licensed professionals.

This gives those in professions such as architecture, engineering, land surveying and landscape architecture services a way to hold ownership in a Professional Corporation. Design Professional Corporations also make it possible to reward key employees with ownership of the company.

Oftentimes, people other than licensed professionals are extremely important to your business. They may be exceptional in aspects of a business that don’t involve practicing the licensed profession. Design Professional Service Corporations allow you the flexibility to reward these individuals as you would a licensed professional in a standard professional corporation.

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Ease of Operation

Design Professional Service Corporations operate much in the same way as a standard Professional Service Corporation.


Design Professional Service Corporations enjoy the same tax benefits of a Professional Service Corporation


Design Professional Service Corporations provide the same level of individual protection for its professionally licensed shareholders as a Professional Service Corporation. Additionally, it offers the same amount of protection for it’s unlicensed shareholders as a regular corporation.

Growth Potential

Design Professional Service Corporations allow businesses to grow beyond the restrictions of a Professional Service Corporation or regular Corporation.

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