Navigating IV Therapy Laws

nurse measuring pressure

Across the United States IV Therapy has become a booming industry. With news outlets claiming IV Therapy is the new “rejuvenation” treatment for people of all ages, it has become an increasingly common procedure for those looking for that quick pick me up.

As a new practice, there are many potential legal issues that may arise for IV Therapy startups. IV Therapy is not currently regulated by a specific set of laws, and most startups are faced with confusing and redundant regulations. In New York State, for instance, a startup must comply with United States Code, New York Education Law, and New York City Rules and Regulations before opening to the public.

In fact, every state differs on how an IV Therapy business may operate. At SAPG Legal we can provide you with the legal analysis and research to help you navigate through the rules and regulations specific to your IV Therapy startup. Helping you get to work, so you can help others with your treatments.


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